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The defendant was charged with two counts of manslaughter as the result of a vehicle crash.  Through the location of a previously unknown witness and a crash reconstruction, it was determined that the accused was not operating the vehicle at the time of the crash.

Aggravated Assault

The defendant was charged with aggravated assault involving an edged weapon.  Through research of the injuries and the alleged victim, it was determined the injuries were more than likely self-inflicted.

Unlawful Sexual Contact

During the course of the investigation, the mother of the alleged victim instructed the defendant that for money and a vehicle, she and her daughter would not pursue the complaint.  Our investigation uncovered a previous complaint involving the same mother and child. The male involved in that complaint advised that the mother had also requested money from him in exchange for not pursuing the complaint.  The charges against our defendant were dismissed.


Through extensive research and several interviews, we were able to demonstrate that it was most likely in the best interest of a child for his grandmother to have visitation rights.


Thorough scene review in a civil accident case determined an individual who stated he witnessed the crash more than likely did not, based on his location at the time.

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